4 thoughts on “Click link below for our fifth issue:

  1. I was the photographer from the BDH referred to in Marty Plaut’s trip down memory lane. Not only was every one wearing a tux but one of the group played the violin.I recall that the photo with the violin soloist appeared in the Herald the next day. Ron Offenkrantz

  2. This was a real treat. I was in the hall when this event happened [“Looking Back on the Brown Refectory with Martin E. Plaut ’58.”] Who would have thought that could do it. It seems so quaint by today’s standards. We had our own table of eight including me and John Shapira, Robert Feldman, Happy Leader, Lou Sanders and others. It was memorable. It was wonderful to relive one of the most amusing experiences at Brown.
    Also, I enjoyed the piece by Marty Ritter. I have a special reason to remember him. My father and his father had a mutual friend and I was told to look him up. As it happened, he sat next to me at the Brown Club in August of 1954 a Freshman Orientation Dinner. After dinner, there speakers and one speaker in particular said,” look to the left of you and the right of you. Both of us graduated of course and to this day do not know the name of the other person. Wonderful to reminisce about a very happy chapter in our lives.
    Steve Kurtz

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