6 thoughts on “Click link below for our second issue:

  1. I am extremely impressed with the July issue of the Brown 58 newsletter. The writers, my classmates, have touched on sensitive issues that few people have the courage to tackle head on. Somehow they merit a wider audience, and so in a small way I have sent their pieces on to friends in Mexico and Paris.—Tom Moses

  2. What a remarkable experience it was to read this newsletter. Thank you for producing it. NOW, I hope that a big group will register for the September events. We only grow MORE interesting as the years scroll by.—Jane Miluski

  3. …this was a wonderful and powerful newsletter. I hadn’t read it before.
    The articles transcend the trivial that is so common in such publications.
    —Charlie Martell

  4. You have made me, and undoubtedly hundreds of others, very glad to say “I am a ’58er.” Reading the contributions dealing with a broad range of human senses not only brought back memories of those writing, but also an appreciation of the life lessons we have endured and enjoyed. I hope we have not seen the last of these reminders that we are all a “work in progress”.

    Thank you to our editors and our contributors. Great work. Our professors would be proud of you.—Bill Chadwick

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